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Views of the garden

August 1, 2011

Despite the lack of land space, some of the windowsill plants are really thriving. I’m having some watering issues with others, especially the courgettes, so am trialling self watering spikes attached to 1.5l bottles in an attempt to rescue them in this heat. For the most part it’s been a rewarding experiment. I’m looking forward to continuing with whatever space I have, modifying techniques along the way.

I love coming home and checking on the progress of the tomato thicket slowly blocking out the light to our kitchen. And of course the attached heirloom tomatoes as well. My flatmate is convinced that their incredible growth is linked with the disappearance of our former mouse resident.

The cucumber vine has had many small cucumbers on it, but as with my courgette plant, I seem to have an issue with pollination – the fruit stay small and eventually die. So far I have progress on one cucumber, and have pollinated the others multiple times with a paintbrush. Problematically, my cucumber wishlist currently outstrips production: one for pimms, at least one for pickling (with my flatmate’s dill), and one for cucumber sandwiches.

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