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Proud moments

August 1, 2011

I’ve killed my fair share of plants in the past, so it’s a proud moment to witness healthy fruit appearing on the vines. Last year, growing vegetables on a patio turned into a losing battle with an army of slugs and rapidly evaporating water, turning me into a slug-killing, overwatering maniac. I’m considering building planters with integrated reservoirs next year, simply because watering pots twice a day is just too much for me to keep up with. The sight of a badly wilting plant is a sorry one and it also stresses out the plant, reducing yields.

This year, although my pots are still a bit maintenance heavy in terms of watering, the pests are virtually zero because of the height of the window sills – no slugs have made their way up, fly numbers are low, and a proliferation of aphids was easily dealt with. Resulting in some beauties:

The seeds came from the Real Seed Catalogue, a company I really like the ethos of so far. Pictured above are the wautoma cucumber, the red zebra tomato, and the Latah tomato.

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